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Care for fresh tattoos for the treatment of fresh tattoo you will need:

Antibacterial SOAP (Protex, …) Bepanthen Plus SOAP and ointment are commonly available at pharmacies. Today: Protective foil off after 4 hours. The tattoo thoroughly, but gently wash cold or lukewarm water and antibacterial soap (do not use a washcloth or sponge). Pay attention to the careful washing of grease etc. Do not immerse the tattoo for a long time under water – tattoo can then begin to “ooze” and damage. lubricate after washing cream, or do not cover the bandage. On the night you put on a clean, free and best cotton clothes. Care in other days: Tattoos wash twice to three times daily (the procedure is the same as when you first wash). Initially, the tattoos do not delete. When will be the tattoo dry gently pulls (usually the second, third day), after washing, use a small amount of cream. Do not apply a thick layer – tattoo needs to “breathe”. In the next few days: Always lubricate after washing the tattoo slightly cream. About the fifth to the sixth day of the tattoo begins to “peel off” (like sunburn). The tattoo is no longer needed every day to wash. According to the needs of the tattoo to delete several times a day (as in the previous days). The skin not to peel or not to scratch! (itching is in the healing of normal) Usually the tattoo heals 7 – 10 days. Healed tattoo is smooth and shiny can be initially – approximately in a month with the skin completely flattens. The first week not dip under the water longer to tattoo. Due to the risk of potential infection not to walk at the time of the healing of a sauna, swimming pool, etc. The first month not to expose the tattoo to direct sunlight or the solarium. Furthermore, when you stay in the Sun, always use a sunscreen with a high protection factor. If the tattoo places, do not scratch or crusting of will Peel. >>> You want to get a tattoo and piercings?