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Body Piercing we are just in the Studio in the Husitská 1, Prague 3, Tel.: + 420 222 540 337. There is no need to order in advance. As an application we use surgical steel jewelry, titanium, respectively. bio-plastic. The Exchange after the healing for the shorter piece of jewelry and a shortening of bio plastic anklet is free of charge. We have a large selection of jewelry from surgical steel, plastic, silicone, fimo, glass.


Cena piercingu se odvozuje od ceny šperku a aplikace Price piercing is derived from the prices of jewellery and the application of our. application of the classical jewel of CZK 300,- Application custom anklet Surface 500,-CZK 400,-CZK 500,-CZK Microdermal Testing 500,-CZK ear lobes classic 250,-CZK Stretching 100,-CZK one stretch the prices for basic jewelry 1,2-1,6 mm Ring from 250,-CZK Horses from 250,-CZK Segment from 250,-CZK 250,-CZK Dumbbell small banana 250Labret CZK 250,-CZK 300,- Microdermal Navel stone 2 x 350,-CZK bio plastic 2 x ball Ball 200,-CZK 50,-CZK sticker/grit 100 CZK if you like a jewel with stone is always price 50,- CZK the thicker the jewelry stone S1mm and higher price increases, mostly about 50,-CZK/1millimetre to those prices, add price per application, and you have a complete price of piercu Example: The language you will come out on Madona 550,-CZK 550,-CZK 550,-CZK Eyebrows Christina 700,-CZK Surface between the breasts 600,-CZK … and so on. The fresh piercing. Care what you need: Antibacterial soap for example. PROTEX, natural sea salt best salt from the dead sea, herb tea, Calendula officinalis, Agrimony, or Chamomile, swab, gauze or cotton swabs on the make-up, which allows the hair and absolutely every time a clean towel. Cleaning: first, before a Individual products-how to: Antibacterial SOAP: body piercing and moisten the area with lukewarm water (never hot!) leave a moment to soak (approximately 2 min) then gently and consistently damp swab, remove all dirt from jewellery and crusting of and its surroundings. If you neglect this step, cleaning can be more painful and extend the length of the healing process. When handling the needle, and crusting of may around the damage. It is therefore also important to never move with piercings for drought, if it is necessary for you, so to soften and remove crusts. Continue to create a lather of SOAP and apply to the injection site, leave 1 minute Act and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. SOAP must not remain in the wound! It might irritate the piercing. Gently pat dry with a clean towel and cover. A solution of salt water produce ‘s: 2 DCL of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of sea salt to form (in a pinch, you can even use common salt), so that at the bottom left of any crystals. First, refine paradigm water or straight salt solution and clean the piercing as in the previous case. Then thoroughly clean the salt solution, you don’t need to rinse it (only if your skin has been irritated after not rinsing it is better to rinse) dry yourself and take one. Herbal poultice: Calendula officinalis, Agrimony, or Chamomile. You selected herbs (better than are sprinkled with fresh) add boiling water, leave to stand, after about 10 minutes, take out the herbs (tea bag) and let cool. Soak a cotton swab (it should not let the hair) or gauze in the solution and put on the wound. No expense spared, to zjemnili, and the nezduřeli dirt, you need quite a lot of the big wet. After 3-5 minutes, remove the lining and, as with the previous procedure to clean the vatovými stamens. Take a clean cotton ball or gauze to put back into the water, attach to the belly button and allow it to operate an additional 2-3 minutes. To remove, gently pat dry, cover – DO NOT RINSE! Warning beware of the chamomile allergy. Both of these solutions it is possible to transfer to a bottle with a secure seal, you can take them anywhere and if necessary clean the piercing. Every day it is necessary to make a fresh solution. Never use old!! You don’t have to use all the products listed here. It is good to check out what your body responds well, you know your body’s best and create your own daily routine cleaning. No problem, you can combine products. SOAP always when you shower, salt solution, when there is a little time and a poultice of herbs when he does not want to shower or conditions do not allow it. Clean the Piercing at 2-3 x daily – less frequent cleaning can cause infection, excessive concern around the piercing again unnecessarily dry and irritating. After 3-4 weeks, if everything is in order, we can adjust the number of cleanings per 1-2 x daily or as needed. What not to do! In any case, do not use for the cleaning of piercing things other than here, we have several years knowledge in the field tested and if you access to clean responsibly, it really is absolutely sufficient. If you have a good experience with something other than here, consult with an expert on piercing. Do not use: cream Framykoin or other antibiotics (used only in extreme cases when used intermittently and irregularly, it loses effect) Alcohol or other aggressive disinfection, which unnecessarily irritating and dry the piercing. What to watch: avoid contact of the tight clothes, hair with body piercing and surrounding area. At the site of the piercing it is necessary to avoid contact with the saliva or other bodily fluids, and cosmetics or other products. Avoid visits to pools, ponds, sunbeds, saunas, and during the whole period of healing. As for the sea, is it good? Yes, but at the end, when the healing is in the last stage. Also, from time to time, make sure that you have a sufficiently tight balls. The thread turns right and don’t forget before contact with him enough to wash their hands. Normal piercing a couple of weeks can be sensitive and itch. The skin around may be slightly reddish. For eyebrow and navel jewelry can sway from the original position, because your body has a tendency to adjust the position of the jewel, so that he was the least annoying. How to know the infected piercing? The skin around it is heavily lit. Pus-like discharge, yellow to greenish, cuts a strong steel and pain. What do I do? The jewel in any case do not remove the yourself! Immediately contact your man on the piercing! In case of any problem or any query, please contact our studio or nice expert on piercing, we can help and advise you. If you find something when you? „DON’T BE SHY“ it is better to call 5 times and make sure that everything is all right, than to come up at the last moment, when it is usually too late! and all the effort and the Council. Keep in mind that now you have everything in our own hands, so please be responsible! CONTACT: STUDIO: 222 540 337 Martina: 723 993 444 Peter: 723 921 262 >>> See the Gallery of tattoos and body piercing.